6. Troubleshooting

Here are some common errors and their solutions users usually get when running gjiten.

6.1. File errors

If you get a message unable to open file: vconj.utf8 or unable to open file: radkfile.utf8 then you need to put these two data files in the same directory with your dictionary files set under the Path To Dictionary Files under Preferences. Please read the installation instructions again.

6.2. Japanese input (mostly Kinput2)

Gjiten doesn't have any code that has to do with Japanese input. The GTK library handles this completely. So if your XIM doesn't work, don't blame me! ;)

Few things that might help to make it work for you: Make sure your XIM works fine with other applications. Try Kterm for example. If it works with Kterm, then try a GTK+ program.

Kinput2 needs LC_ALL to be set to ja_JP in order to work, otherwise the input window won't pop up. You don't need to export this, Gjiten will do it for you if you enable it in the Preferences (under fonts).

You also need the Japanese locale for glibc to be able to input with kinput2. Under debian, you will have to put ja_JP.EUC-JP EUC-JP into /etc/locale.gen, then rerun locale-gen Other distributions should ship this with a locales package.

6.3. Window manager and Kinput2 problems

There was no solution to this problem in the docs, though lately it appeared in the kinput2(1) manual.

Contributed by John Seebach

Certain window managers (I've seen this problem with WindowMaker, Sawmill, and KWM, but there are probably more as well) don't handle kinput2 pop-up windows particularly well. You'll know you're using one of those Window Managers if you fire up gjiten, try to start the conversion widget, and get a window that blinks uncontrollably and doesn't allow you to enter anything to be converted.

Fortunately, there are some workarounds. First, try adding the following lines to the kinput2 section of your .Xdefaults or .Xresources:

  Kinput2*useOverrideShellForMode: true  *preeditType: OverTheSpot 	  
Next, you need to tell your window manager how to deal with a kinput2 window. I've only tested this with WindowMaker, because that's what I use, so outside of that, your on your own.

If you're using WindowMaker, try adding the following lines to ~/GNUstep/Defaults/WMWindowAttributes :

  Kinput2 = {    DontSaveSession = Yes;   KeepInsideScreen = Yes;   KeepOnTop = Yes;   NoAppIcon = Yes;   NoHideOthers = Yes;   NoKeyBindings = Yes;   NoMouseBindings = Yes;   NoResizebar = Yes;   NotClosable = Yes;   NotMiniaturizable = Yes;   Omnipresent = Yes;   SkipWindowList = Yes;   Unfocusable = Yes; };	  
You may either need to log out of your X session and start again, or try:
% xrdb -load .Xresources
in order for the changes to your X resources to take effect.

6.4. Fonts and mojibake

Mojibake occurs when you get garbage instead of Japanese characters. With GTK2 and Gjiten, this will be in the form of empty boxes in place of Japanese characters. This is a font problem.

Antialiasing (with GDK) and Japanese don't work well at the time. You should disable it in the Preferences.

You also need to select a fontset that has Japanese characters to be used with Gjiten. "Sans" and "Serif" and also "unifont" should usually work.

kinput2 needs LC_ALL to be set to ja_JP. If you don't have the LANGUAGE environment variable set, then this will also default to ja_JP and all the widget text and menus will be in Japanese. If you wan't English then check the "Force LANGUAGE=C" option in the Preferences.

6.5. Pasting from Netscape

If pasting Japanese text from Netscape into Gjiten has no effect, only non-japanese can be pasted, then set the LC_ALL environment variable to ja_JP in your shell before starting Netscape (export LC_ALL=ja_JP for bash). This solved the problem in my case.

6.6. Settings

Gjiten uses gconf to store its settings, so you can use the gconf-editor to poke the settings directly under apps/gjiten.

6.7. Bugs

Check for known bugs here first: http://gjiten.sourceforge.net/BUGS. If it's not listed here and you can reproduce it then report it to me please.