gjiten Manual V2.0

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. History
3. Installation
4. Dictionary files
5. Usage
5.1. Word dictionary usage
5.2. Kanji dictionary usage
5.3. Command Line
5.4. KanjiPad
6. Troubleshooting
6.1. File errors
6.2. Japanese input (mostly Kinput2)
6.3. Window manager and Kinput2 problems
6.4. Fonts and mojibake
6.5. Pasting from Netscape
6.6. Settings
6.7. Bugs
7. Future Improvements
8. Feedback
9. Credits

1. Introduction

Gjiten is a Japanese dictionary program. It also has a kanji dictionary. Any combination of stroke number, radicals and search key can be used for kanji lookups. Gjiten requires a working X Input Method [e.g. kinput2] for Japanese input.

This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, a copy of which you should have received with this package. See the file COPYING for more details.