About Gjiten:

Gjiten is a Japanese dictionary program for GNOME.
Gjiten also has a kanji dictionary. Any combination of stroke count, radicals and search key can be used for kanji lookups.
Here is the documentation of gjiten for more details.
The latest release is v2.6. Read the ChangeLog to see what's new.
This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL.


  • Input method supported by GTK+ for Japanese input: im-ja (recommended), or XIM (e.g. kinput2)
  • Japanese locale support, [needed by GTK+ for displaying wide characters correctly.]
  • Jim Breen's EDICT and KANJIDIC dictionary files. See the download section below.
  • Gnome and GTK+ libraries. For compiling you'll also need header files [devel packages]
  • Screenshots from v0.5:

    Main window
    Kanji dictionary

    Mailing list

    There is a mailing list for genereal discussions, release announcements, etc. Please subscribe if you are interested.



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